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Diversification is the quickest way to start earning money from sfi. Also spreading your sponsoring on prms, sales is the surest way to make money because of the commission attached to each sale. Start scouting for prm’s to buy from TC, and you earn a commission.

Other obvious ways to earn money in this business are:

1. When you purchase PSAs you’re investing in the future of your business. Notice that PSAs are not guaranteed to hit the ground running. Your job is to get them to want to start their second income and use SFI as the means satisfying that want. Remember you get 45% CV from their investments.

2. PPA. You’re not wasting funds when you invest in the acquisition of the PPA Signups.

3. PRMs. You’re not wasting funds when you invest your money in the acquisition of PRMs because you do not only get DCs but also VPs and MRPs when they do business with TC.

4. ECAs. Similarly, investing in the acquisition of this asset is not a general wastage of funds because you get VPs when they get approved as well as royalties from their successes.

5. CSAs. Unless won at PB or EZ, this talent is allocated to you free of charge. Do invest in these too.

6. EP. Become an EA2 (preferably TL) and you will feel the power of investing in the future of your business.

Happy Selling!

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